EURL a secure asset
for your digital transactions

Use Cases.

EURL a secure asset
for your digital transactions
Whatever the purpose, using EURL will allow you to perform transactions at any time in a snap. Thanks to the blockchain technology, no need to resort to intermediaries
Hedge against
You may want to limit risks and hedge against the adverse movements of volatile currencies. As a fully euro-pegged digital asset, EURL mirrors the value of the Euro, providing you with the stability you need!
Transaction costs
Rather than having to convert your digital assets into FIAT currencies in order to purchase other digital assets, you can trade them for EURL and benefit from reduced transactions costs.

Why buy  ?

Unlike most digital assets and cryptocurrencies, often considered volatile and unreliable, EURL, as a fully euro-pegged digital asset, is a stable and fully reserved digital asset. EURL is backed on a 1:1 basis by FIAT Euros on a secure bank account at Societe Generale. Its value therefore mirrors Euro's value at all time, thus making EURL superior both in terms of stability and reliability.
Buy Lugh
Simplicity and accessibility
EURL can be purchased on our partners' website at a glance. You will be able to use diverse payment methods depending on your preferences!
Reliability and stability
The value of EURL mirrors that of one of the world's most stable currencies, the Euro, making it 100% reliable so that you know exactly your transactions' value.
Security and transparency
Not only are EURL issued on a secured  blockchain, Tezos, we also made sure you can access monthly reports regarding our reserves, edited by a worldwide accounting firm.