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Reliable, stable and
liquid at all time
We provide you with the advantages of digital assets and blockchain combined with the stability of one of the world's most-traded currency.
EURL can be purchased on our partners' website at a glance. You will be able to use diverse payment methods depending on your preferences!
The reserves of EURL are held in cash on an account opened by Lugh at Société Générale.
Not only are EURL issued on a secured  blockchain, Tezos and Ethereum, we also made sure you can access monthly reports regarding our reserves, edited by an external firm.

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The most reliable euro-pegged digital asset
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EURL a reliable digital asset
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List EURL on your exchange

EURL allows your customers to easily trade crypto-currencies. Our stablecoin allows to hedge against volatile assets without having to use a fiat currency.

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Pay with EURL to buy NFTs

EURL is the perfect way to purchase NFT. Choose EURL to simplify the buying experience. Buying NFT with EURL on-ramp solution is the best way to onboard millions of customers. 

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Use EURL for instant payment

Using EURL will allow you to perform transactions at any time in a snap. Thanks to the blockchain, transactions are secured without any intermediaries. 

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